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I'm Hasan from England, I help others become front-end software engineers by teaching coding skills, mindset and job application tactics. Software development gave me the ability to work remotely, travel the world, earn a high income and work on interesting projects. Sounds good? Read on.

Below we will cover my own journey to getting to becoming a front-end software engineer and how you can do it too!

My upbringing

Raised by a single mother along with three siblings, in a council house in England, Luton (voted worst town in UK). My childhood was a unpleasant experience so I escaped to the internet.

During my early teens I mostly played online community games like Habbo Hotel and Runescape to make e-friends. For a brief period I was "e-famous" on habbo hotel for being worth the most thrones (considered currency).


I finished high school and college with average grades and then graduated with a Biomedical science degree from a mid tier university with a goal to become a medical doctor.

After working in a hospital, I found the cost/benefit of being a doctor made it not a worthwhile career path to pursue for myself.


I first wrote code at university using a programming language called MATLAB to plot some points on a graph but it wasn't until I read about Elon Musk and the Paypal Mafia that the idea of learning to code really occured to me. They managed to build Paypal with problem solving skills, little resources, few entry barriers and little red tape. I thought what other skill could provide an opportunity to have so much automonomy aswell as a stable, high earning career.

After reading books and watching hundreds of youtube videos about software development I came to the realisation that, software developement seemed like an industry that suited me.

customer support role

After attending a Javascript course at a local coding school, I was hooked. I started to code everyday religiously however I wanted to get some industry experience under my belt but software companie are not looking to hire a 26 year old without a compuer science degree and no experience.

So I applied for a customer support role at a software startup in another country. I was accepted and my starting salary was £2.49 an hour but it was a good chance to get software development industry experience.

Coding bootcamp

After working at the customer support role for a few months I decided to spend my savings on a 3 month intensive coding bootcamp. As I spent all my money on the bootcamp I also had to work at my customer support role part time to support my living costs. This meant attending the bootcamp and working at my customer support role in the evening (I would not recommend this).

At the end of bootcamp we took the photo on the right. By this time I was burnt out. Can you spot my exhausted face?


After the bootcamp I was offered the opportunity to work as an "apprentice software developer" at the company where I worked in a customer support role. After several months at the apprentice position I was finally given the title "software developer!

I remember viewing the company about page and seeing my name next to the word 'developer' and feeling a sense of extreme pride.

Although it might not seem like a big deal I had invested thirteen months, thousands of pounds and my wellbeing into this title, but it was all worth it. That night when I arrived at my tiny studio, filled with software developer books and note, I covered my face into my pillow and wept. Mission accomplished.


It's been nearly five years since I decided to become a software developer and have now worked in the industry for the past 4 years. Working as a software developer has given me an interesting career with a lot of freedom and has given me the ability to make a high income, travel the world, meet interesting people and have tremendous experiences.

The picture on the right, is me on Jetski exploring the islands of the Philippines.

Nowadays, I seek to use my experiences to help others learn the skills necessary to become a front-end developer and navigate the industry. I'm your shortcut to working as a front-end software developer. I've gone through the process and have helped others, and can help you do the same. Trust me.

let me help you become a software developer

If you are considering becoming a freelance front-end developer, I really believe I can help you achieve your goal and it would be an honour to help.

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